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Thermal Remediation, Inc.

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Environmental Remediation
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Thermal Remediation Inc. (TRI) is an established environmental remediation and earthwork company that specializes in the on-site treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous contaminated soils through a wide variety of technologies and processes.

TRI "self performs" all of its projects with TRI personnel and TRI equipment, including all earthwork. By doing this, TRI eliminates down line sub-contracting - which results in better control; cost, schedule, quality of work, and the ability to guarantee the performance and dedication clients expect from their contractors.

TRI Services

  • Environmental Remediation Services

  • Earthwork & Construction Services

  • Technology Application

    TRI always pursues the most appropriate and effective technology for conditions specific to the site while also seeking the most cost-effective solution.

    In addition, TRI specializes in the on-site treatment of Hazardous Chlorinated Solvent contaminated soils utilizing a process called Indirect Heat Volatilization (IHV). This technology, proprietary to TRI, is a quick and cost-effective solution to the complex issues surrounding the cleanup of hazardous waste. (about IHV)


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